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Dec 11, 2017, Monday
Book club books    Maastricht Netherlands  
Dec 11, 2017, Monday

Book club books

December 11, 2017   Maastricht, Netherlands
Books are willing to wait. Jenny Erpenbeck

My book club meets today. It's both poetry day and the day we choose books for the coming year. Unfortunately, my exposure to poetry is limited to reading reviews in the New Yorker and listening to music lyrics. To actually sit and read a book of poetry, well that is something I just never do.

As to next year's book choice, I've taken a safe tack and chosen one I've already read. Last year I saddled the club with one of those big Russian novels I'd long wanted to read but hadn't gotten around to yet. This turned out fine, we read it and discussed it, but I've earned a bit of ribbing for the choice.

Church as bookstore      
Speaking of books, here is a photo of a building in Maastricht that has been repurposed as a bookstore. My first review of this photo left me thinking it was too underexposed. But recently I found that with a little work I was able to bring out some of the detail I thought was lost.