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Sep 14, 2018, Friday
Sep 14, 2018, Friday
Sep 15, 2018, Saturday
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Sep 15, 2018, Saturday

Seven bikes, mostly red

September 14, 2018   Scans, Motorcycles

I had a motorbike period that started when I lived on Fell Street in SF. My first bike was a simple second-hand Yamaha, it was green, but I soon moved on to more sophisticated German models. During this time our travels were largely by bike. We rode through most of the states in the western US. It was an interesting way of seeing the country, with minimal gear, all exposed to the elements. It was also good for meeting people, especially old guys who used to ride a bike, they'd approach when I happened to be at a stop, always wanting to bend my ear with their motorbike memories.

This period of motorcycle touring lasted about a decade. This was was well before my first digital camera so I've not got much photographic evidence. It ended pretty much as suddenly as it started. I sold my last bike, the Ducati, and went back to travelling the old-fashioned way, by airplane.

The photos below are all scans, using negatives. Funny, I once thought I had a lot of old paper photos, a whole huge box full, but now, after years of accumulating terabytes of files, all those pre-digital photos don't seem so voluminous.

My first, a Yamaha      
An inexpensive bike, good for learning and around town, but not something you'd want to sit on all day.
The electric K75s      
A lovely bike, the K75s. It may have had an odd cylinder count but it was smooth as if electric. A relaxing drive even on long days, though its strength was straight lines not twisties.
My second, a K75s      
Paul's K1100      
Paul's very swift inline four. A beauty.
The lovely in every way r1100rs      
My favorite. Fun to look at, plenty fast, a throbbing opposed twin, and a trick front suspension that gave it great handling.
Land of enchantment      

Another motorcycle trip. This trip covered Arcosante in Arizona, then New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and then home to California.

Well that sucks      

An ill-timed trip to the eastern Sierra left us holed up for days in Lee Vining, a one-cafe town but we did get to see our friend Stephen. Paul's GS looks like it could be ridden in the snow, what with its knobby tires and insect-like pose, but no it doesn't work in the snow. And every time we tried the CHiPS stopped us.

The Monster      

I never took the Monster far from home, it was too darty, too windy, too tiring for any distance. But it was f-ing sexy.

Elemental yet elegant      
Paul's slick ST2


September 15, 2018   Scans, Motorcycles

James and Paul on the ET highway