Our house in Merida

October 29, 2018   Merida, Mexico
Our house

Like most homes in Merida, our place, which is called Casa Iguana1, is flush to a narrow sidewalk with little street presence, just a door and a window. At least ours has some colour.

But inside is a different story. It's largely stone and polished cement, with tall ceilings, colourful art, attractive though not-very-comfortable furniture, and a swimming pool. In the unlikely event one wants to cook a complex meal, the kitchen is well equipped. There's potable water, laundry, built-in barbeque, three giant flatscreens, and what appears to be every television service on the planet.

The location is convenient though it is noisy late into the morning, especially on weekends and the days before weekends. A morning cappuccino is from a cafe within a minute's walk, and there are four delicious and trendy restaurants (grasshopper guacamole, anyone?) just as close. Merida's central square is about seven blocks walk.

1TripAdvisor listing for Casa Iguana .

Living room and kitchen      
The 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath house is well equipped, well located, and has a nice layout. The courtyard separates the kitchen and living room from the bedroom wing, so one person can stay up and watch tv while another sleeps. Each bedroom, nicely separated on different floors, has a large bathroom.
Casa Iguana      
Pool and bedroom wing