Election day
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Today is election day in British Columbia. The premier called the election, or dropped the writ, on the 21st of September. He's gambling that his poll numbers will free him from needing an alliance with the Greens, and the prognosticators think he will, though we may not know the results for awhile.

Holding the election mid-pandemic squeezed out much of the time for campaigning because early voting took off in popularity. There used to be weeks for campaigning, then election day, counting of ballots, and then results announced. Now it's weeks of voting during the campaign, then election day (might be better named election deadline), and then some more weeks for counting of the ballots.

Update: early returns were such that, even with mail in ballots yet to be counted, it's projected that the premier got a comfortable majority.

Anyway, back to my imaginary travels. In the photo we're in Schermonnikoog and this is our hotel. We'd just got off the ferry. The hard-to-spell Schiermonnikoog is a small island in the North Sea (see the red dot in the map stolen from wikipedia), though the body of water one traverses to get there is called the Wadden Sea. The island is one of the Wadden Islands (Waddeneilanden). We found it to be green and flat and without much traffic. Good for biking.

Our hotel
Our hotel
Our hotel