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Oct 19, 2015, Monday
Oct 19, 2015, Monday
Oct 19, 2015, Monday
The Kasbah    Tangier Spain-Portugal  
Oct 19, 2015, Monday
Oct 20, 2015, Tuesday
La Tangerina    Spain-Portugal Tangier  
Oct 20, 2015, Tuesday

Reminded of my good fortune

October 19, 2015   Spain, Tangier, Spain-Portugal, Tarifa

We started the day by walking the block to the city wall then through a doorway called Puerta de Jerez. In the next block was Cafe Azul where we had good crepes. Today's election was on our minds. Also the ferry ride to Morocco.

It was raining hard when we walked back to our hotel, Casa Blanco, where we checked out.

Well, we didn't completely check out, we left a couple of bags with the hotel. We were only spending a night in Tangier. Not much, no, and probably like judging Mexico from an overnight in Tijuana but at least I'll add Africa and Morocco to my list of visited places.

We caught the 11 am ferry to Tangier. No problem getting on, it's not high season. The ferry is as nice as a BC ferry but zippier looking. It's a catamaran and they look like they are going fast even when they aren't.

The ferry was about half way across the Mediterranean when it slowed then stopped. We'd encountered a very small boat in the middle of the Mediterranean. The ferry passengers crowded around windows and decks to observe the little boat that looked to be quite full with maybe nine people. The boat was barely visible among the waves. We waited almost an hour until a red Salvamento Maritimo boat arrived to provide assistance. This is a similar red boat to that i'd seen docked in Tarifa.

It was somber almost emotional seeing this tiny boat full of people trying to get to a better place.

And while I was standing there on the deck, thinking about what I was seeing, I thought however the election goes we know everyone in Canada will abide by the results, they'll all work together, and that this stability is something most people on this planet can't take for granted.

After checking into the elegant La Tangerina we explored the neighborhood, known as the Kasbah, as well as the nearby Medina and the square called the Petit Socco. Dinner was lamb tagine at Le Nabab.

Tangier on the map      
Salvamento Maritimo, Tarifa      
Isla de las Palomas, Tarifa      
Ferry approaching Tarifa      
Airbus A380 on board      
Freighter in Mediterranean      
Refugees, Tarifa-Tangier ferry      
Refugees, seen from Tarifa-Tangier ferry. Spain is in the background.
Refugees and Salvamento Maritimo boat, from Tarifa-Tangier ferry      
Refugees and rescue boat, seen from Tarifa-Tangier ferry

The Kasbah

October 19, 2015   Tangier, Spain-Portugal

We walked around the Kasbah and the medina, both of which are near the hotel. Lots of colorful people and shops: weavers and furniture makers and vegetables and long dresses. It felt a bit Harrison Ford movie.

Song for the day is of course Rock the Casbah by the Clash.

City view      
City wall      
La Tangerina      
La Tangerina      
City square

La Tangerina

October 20, 2015   Spain-Portugal, Tangier

We woke this morning to welcome election news from Canada. We then ate breakfast in La Tangerina's dining room, sharing a table with four French-speaking people. Real French sounds nothing like Duolingo French.

Tangier feels less intimidating today. We walk around the old city, exploring the narrow passageways lined with shops selling a lot of familiar stuff like clothes and food and hardware and services like cutting hair. The same stuff but presented differently, small colorful shops to don't offer any shopping anonymity. Later, we are back on the ferry for Tarifa. A short trip but I am ok with that. The almost empty ferry leaves a half hour late.

A few photos from our hotel and the streets of Tangier.

La Tangerina      
La Tangerina      
The outside of the Kasbah      
Ferry port