Fuji Film Simulations    
August 28, 2016

I was in Port Angeles last week. Port Angeles is the closest town to the trail heads of Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge so it's popular in the summer with hikers. And it's not a bad place for a few night's stay. Within a few blocks are several good restaurants and coffee shops, a bookstore, an outdoor gear store, and a grocery that reminds me of one of my favorites, Staff of Life in Santa Cruz. Lacks a good hotel, though. No dispensary either.

As I said, a nice place to spend a couple days. In the morning you can grab coffee and breakfast then head up to Hurricane Ridge, about a 45' drive, to hike. Then, come evening, walk the central town grid, all six blocks of it, eat dinner, then walk the boardwalk and the paths that follow the water. Climb the tower and look out across the strait, to Canada in the distance.

The photo was taken using the Fuji and the Acros film simulation. It is the Coho ferry, arriving for it's next-to-last stop. After a short time it will leave for Victoria. It's a pretty grainy shot, but it doesn't look bad in black and white. I’ve long used black and white, especially for nighttime shots like this, even though it takes some processing work. However, this was created in a much easier way thanks to the Fuji. Much easier.

But first, I'll review the Nikon way: download to computer, edit the raw file using a combination of NX2 and/or Lightroom, convert to black and white with Silver FX, then spit out a jpg.

And then there is the Fuji way: choose sim. Done. With Fuji you always see the photo through a film simulation, such as this photo’s Acros, and the film sims are very nice. I especially Like Chrome and Acros. For a different sim the process is simple: choose image, choose sim, apply it, save it. The raw data is there, but the ready-to-go sims are emphasized. The downside is being inundated with image files since one photo can quickly morph into multiple simulations.

I'm listening to Excellent Birds by Laurie Anderson.

Coho arriving in Port Angeles
22.3 mm   f/3.2   1/7 sec   ISO 6400  X-pro2
Port Angeles    
August 20, 2016

It's a heat wave in Port Angeles today so I went up into the mountains to hike the Sunrise trail in Olympic National Park. The sky was a bit hazy from forest-fire smoke but it was still a beautiful hike. All photos shown were processed in camera using Fuji's Velvia film simulation, then posted via iPhone.

18 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 1000  X-pro2
55 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 1000  X-pro2
18 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 500  X-pro2
18 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 800  X-pro2
18 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 1600  X-pro2
18 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 1250  X-pro2
18 mm   f/8.0   1/500 sec   ISO 320  X-pro2
Revised August 28, 2016
August 19, 2016
I'm in Seattle where I checked out the Seattle Art Museum. Two floors, a nice range of art. Currently showing R. Crumb's Book of Genesis with its sexy women, hunky men, and overall lush imagery.
R. Crumb's Book of Genesis
Seattle waterfront
55 mm   f8   1/750 sec   ISO 200  Fuji X-Pro2 XF18-55
A Trickle of Perseids    
August 13, 2016

A sky-full of shooting stars was what I hoped for but no, just the occasional singleton. A trickle. 48 out of 358 shots had something, which sounds good, but most were but a faint trace. Was I too early? Too late? Wrong ISO? Or was the shower masked by the lights of Port Angeles? Clearly, more experimentation is called for.

The second shot is darker because it was taken later the same evening and has a lower ISO.

I'm listening to the president's 2016 summer spotify playlist: day which triggers feelings of impending loss, the loss of a cool and scandal-free president.

Perseids over Port Angeles
15 mm   f/2.8   30 sec   ISO 1250    D800e
Perseid over Port Angeles
15 mm   f/2.8   30 sec   ISO 1000    D800e