Hiking Fira to Oia
November 21, 2016

Our second day on Santorini we hiked from our hotel to the northernmost tip of the island where the town of Oia is located. A warm sunny day though really windy. At times I wondered if I'd be blown off the trail and into the sea far below.

The trail follows the edge of the caldera and involves a couple of decent climbs.

The path north from Imerovigli 
This is the path we saw as we left the Fira - Firostefani - Imerovigli area.
Looking back to Fira 
On the trail to Oia if you look back and east you'll see parts of the island that are flat and sparsely populated. What a contrast with the caldera edge.
A large chapel along our path 
The path to Oia 
Far in the distance you can see our goal, the town of Oia.
How we got here 
Looking back towards Fira you can see the trail winding over the hill and coming down to those white buildings, which is also where the road briefly touches the trail.
The trail down to Oia 
Once we climbed the last hill, the trail headed down into the town of Oia.
The beginning and the end 
If you look to the right of Paul's knee you'll see the cruise ship Windstar anchored just off Fira. This is about where we started today's hike.
Oia, Santorini island 
We made our goal. We explored the town, ate, then caught a bus back to Fira.